Floral Wallpapers In Your Living Room

Floral wallpaper designs can give a home a definite country feel. For those who enjoy the country style or those who only wish they lived in the country, floral wall patterning can give a real sense of the down-home lifestyle of the South. They can also be combined with a decidedly modern décor for an eclectic approach.
Wallpaper was out of vogue for awhile, but it is making a comeback in the form of wall murals and sophisticated floral designs that make a bold statement on a focus wall. Floral wallpaper designs for living room spaces are easier to assemble and remove than they were in the past, making them a good choice even for those who like to change their living room design frequently.
If you love the look of florals, you can choose a floral wallpaper in the same color range as your current living room furniture. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to combine florals with stripes or other vivacious patterns, provided you choose them in the same color. For instance, black and white striped upholstered chairs can be combined with black and white florals. If you decide to mix patterns in this way, try to limit your designs colors to three or four, so that the room does not seem too busy.
You can also play with the sizing of floral designs to get the overall effect you want. Tiny prints in light colors tend to look like a solid color. Flamboyant large prints in bold colors shout out to the visitor.
Room design is an expression of personality. Choose the floral wallpaper designs for living room areas in your home that make you feel comfortable, and use them to express who you are.